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        上海心仪电子科技有限公司 (总部)
        E-mail: sales@psytech.com.cn

        Company Profile
                ShangHai PsyTech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a new high-tech firm with BSIA (Beijing Software Industry Association) certification, located at the Science and Technology Park of the East China Normal University in Shanghai.PsyTech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd relies on the R&D resources of the East China Normal University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University and supplies the Comprehensive Psychology experiment equipment for the Psychology department of the university and Psychology-researching institute around China.
                 PsyTech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional psychology-lab equipment supplier which is integrated with research, development, manufacture, marketing, after service and technical support. The main product of PsyTech Company is "PsyTech psychology-experiment equipment", psychological assessment scale and software developed by the psychology department of the East China Normal University. 
                PsyTech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd acts as a distributor for the Tobii Eye-tracking system of Sweden, Behavior Analysis system and polygraph system of Germany, and Brain research software/hardware such as E-prime、Brainvoyager、BESA、DMEx and Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), etc. At present PsyTech is cooperating with foreign manufacturers and research institutions to develop the CN Edition of the eye-tracking device、EEG equipment、polygraph system、VR(Virtual Reality) equipment and biofeedback instrument for that catering to the requirement of different researching institute.We are committed to supplying the comprehensive psychology experiment equipment and consummate technical service to every psychology-related institute in China.

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